Why Not Voting IS Rational

Credit: Broley.org
Posted on November 28th, 2005.

I like politics and have always voted. However, I am currently reconsidering my options. Thanks to our “reformed” system of campaign financing, political parties benefit from a $1.75 taxpayer subsidy for each vote that they receive in a federal election (provided they meet a minimum threshold of popularity). This taxpayer subsidy amounted to approximately $23.3 million in the 2004 election campaign. If the options were palatable, I would be the first to laud our “reformed” system of campaign financing for helping to ensure equity.

For those that are truly dismayed by the “lack of choice” in the upcoming national election and are contemplating voting for the “least worst option” I would encourage you to think about keeping your $1.75 to yourself rather than “giving our money” to finance a portion of the upcoming enthralling debacle. As for myself, I will either stay home with my family or will use my vote to help subsidize the green party. I however refuse to subsidize educated adults for not being able to get along.


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